Super Sized Engagement Rings That Are Extremely Affordable

It’s been said a million times. Size Matters. You want the 5 Carat look and we got your options here. Coronet Diamonds is known for their patented Coronet solitaire setting which take 7 individual VS Clarity G Color diamonds and set them to create the most beautiful cluster diamond engagement rings  view them here.

Here’s the Coronet different
1. Always conflict-free diamonds.
2. Patented Coronet Solitaire Setting.
3. VS Clarity G Color diamonds.
4. Affordable alternative without sacrificing craftsmanship or diamond quality.
5. Beautiful diamond ring designs.
6. The world’s most affordable engagement rings!

Here’s a look into the collection of the most beautiful Coronet diamonds conflict-free engagement rings, remember these engagement rings feature the Patented Coronet Solitaire setting and mimic a larger diamond look at a much more affordable price. Let us know what you think! The entire line of Coronet diamond jewelry is conflict-free and a must have for any fashionista.

Picking the best diamond earrings.

Let’s be honest a diamond is a girls bestfriend. However, you should always make sure you pick the best diamond for your perfect lady. If you’re going to buy diamond earrings you have some many retailers who sell them. You can pick from the top known chain stores or buy them from an online retailer like that only specializes in diamond earrings. Diamond earrings are timeless gifts and can be gifted at almost any occasion.

Rare Fancy Colored Diamonds

If you want to gift diamond jewelry because you want to gift a uniquely rare gift then you need to read this. First off white diamonds are not as rare as they make it seem. It’s obvious you’re not going to just dig a hole in your backyard and mine a white diamond. However, when diamond mining is taking place there is one fancy colored diamond that is extremely rare and that’s the pink diamond. So if you want to gift a loved one a true rare diamond look into a natural pink diamond. It’s so rare that not all diamond jewelry designers even make jewelry with these diamonds. Nayna Mehta and Uneek are one of the few designers who make pink diamond jewelry and pink diamond engagement rings both designers use natural untreated pink diamonds to create amazing diamond jewelry. I think if you’re thinking about purchasing a diamond piece and you want to make it a real rare gift go pink or go home. Also look into Natalie K who recently added a pink diamond collection with rose gold.

Why Rolex Watches Are Considered Investments

Rolex is not only a luxury watch brand that’s highly in demand and if you’re going to purchase a watch that’s over $5000 read this article. You can buy a lot of watches for the same price as a Rolex and what I mean a lot here’s a list of watch brands that make watches that are the exact same price range. You can buy a Cartier, Omega and even Breitling watches for the same price as an average Rolex but you will never sell these watch brands for as much as you can sell your pre-owned Rolex for.  I’ve had a lot of people ask me where can I sell my Rolex or whats my Rolex really worth. Here’s the truth if you can manage to purchase a brand new Rolex watch for 20% off retail and you hold that watch for minimum 3 years you won’t lose a dollar. Rolex raises the retail price each year and in 3 years you’re pre-owned Rolex will cost as much as a brand new Rolex at wholesale. So you won’t be upside down and you can actually sell your Rolex at a price where you won’t lose money. So if you’re going to ask where can you sell your watch look for a reputable watch buyer who’s been doing business for over 10 years and shop your pre-owned watch for the highest price. So if you’re in the market to sell your watch and your asking where can I sell my Rolex, just remember a lot of buyers so don’t rush and make sure you deal with an established buyer.

These Gorgeous Designer Diamond Engagement Rings Are Sure to Rock.

These unique engagement rings are hand-made in the USA. Danhov designer rings will make you forget all about classic solitaire settings and trendy diamond halos. Danhov offer’s the most intricate designer rings that are eco-friendly, conflict-free and responsibly made.

Many other designers are introducing new  stunning designer engagement rings, like Natalie K who recently launched a brand new collection of rose gold diamond engagement rings that incorporate natural uber rare pink diamonds into the mix. Not to many designers are mixing natural fancy colored diamonds into their brand and Natalie K has made an amazing collection.